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Not me, nuh-huh
Premium Rush and Quicksilver 
3rd-May-2015 01:32 pm
I'm extremely confused. I've watched Premium Rush and while looking for subs for Chinese stumbled upon a post comparing Premium Rush and Quicksilver. Naturally, I had to watch it and now I feel very strange.

Quicksilver is a very eighties movie: clothes, cars, people, motivations - everything is dated. To the point where I cannot figure out if the plot even makes sense (I'm leaning towards "no", tbh). It was interesting to watch San Francisco 30 years ago, people driving beat-up cars (even drug dealers!) and destroying them on a whim, people struggling to make ends meet... but at the same time there were exactly three women, one of whom didn't say a word, another wasn't introduced by name until third appearance and third behaved as a 15 years old despite obviously being on her own for quite some time.

Besides that, main character is basically a drama queen who will do whatever he wants regardless of how much sense it doesn't make in context. Like, drop the job - don't report a person being ran over - get back to the job - go all vigilante. What! What!

At the same time this is where it parallels Premium Rush: drastic downshift, disregard for authority and resulting refusal to cooperate, solving the problems with much racing and not law.

On the other hand, Premium Rush is clearly a modern movie. Even without CGI it's still much faster, more action-oriented, more reckless too. While both characters have reasons to be unwilling to continue with the chosen path (emotional and very understandable reasons), Willy is in there mostly for the adrenalin and freedom, whereas Jack is simply trying to make money.

Both movies are interesting but I'm more likely to re-watch Premium Rush than Quicksilver, if only for the faster pace.

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