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Not me, nuh-huh
The Librarians 
8th-Mar-2015 05:53 pm
I'm... not in love :(

Again, the series is so childish and inconsistent that it's hard to watch it without annoyance. The baby actors SUCK at acting. Either that or their characters are so cliche that it's difficult to portray them believably. In either case, Rebecca Romijn and Christian Kane (and Matt Frewer, despite playing a cartoon villain) outplay them on every turn and make them look even worse.

Speaking of: I like Eve Baird. I'm convinced that she's not-so-secretly the main character of this series and I'm all for that. She's smart, strict and just, she's strong but has weaknesses. She's the best, period.

But I don't think I'll be watching this further, even for Christian Kane and awesomeness that is col. Baird. There's just too much disregard for death of minor characters and too many decisions made based on emotions rather than facts (City of Lights, seriously?). Oh, and the Librarian himself is too much of a Dr.Who ripoff.

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