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Not me, nuh-huh
Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. season 1 
29th-Aug-2014 07:58 pm
I'm... underwhelmed. Even though by the end of the season they'd thankfully explained the discrepancies between announced and actual personality of one of the people, I still found it hard to fall in love with the majority of the characters.

In fact, there are only two people I cared about: Coulson (who I came in already caring about) and Melinda May (who is true badass and is very consistent in this regard). Others are... boring. Thug with a tragic backstory - boring. Twin scientists who finish each other's sentences but still hide things from one another - boring. Golden child who worms her way into the hearts of others - bo-ring.

I liked the secret bases and I'm looking forward to seeing the cute guards again. I was pleased to see the cameos. But overall - not as engaging as I was hoping.

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