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Not me, nuh-huh
Orphan Black s01 
1st-Jul-2013 10:53 pm
I have to say, men are assholes in this series. With the exception of Felix, they treat the clones as if their feelings and thoughts don't matter at all. Even those who don't know that they are clones do that.

Paul is the worst (his first appearance was AWFUL and he didn't really get any better afterwards), but I'm equally uncomfortable with Vic and Art, even though we're supposed to see the latter as the more reliable.

On the other hand, I don't like implications of Mrs.S being on the wrong side, just like I don't like the way H's storyline went. Also, I'm wondering if all of them are going to have psychotic breaks. It seems to be two main side-effects of the procedure: coughing and going apeshit.

I hope A's going to be more than comedic relief in the next season. Right now she's an unfortunate parody of a soccer mom, including all stereotypes. Honestly, she could be in a separate comedy movie and no one will be able to tell the difference.

I'm very impressed with Tatiana Masleny's performance* (hell, it was very hard to remember that it's just one actress there) and hope that second season doesn't disappoint.

*I loved the accents - probably because I couldn't tell if they sounded fake. I know she fucked up her Ukrainian text and there were several consistent mistakes in her Ukraininan accent but I can't tell anything about other accents.

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