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Not me, nuh-huh
The Musketeers season 1 
11th-Oct-2015 09:21 pm
I am wholeheartedly glad that this series doesn't try to pretend that it has anything to do with the books (except for characters). This makes its ridiculousness easier to stomach. This and perfectly charming actors who would've fit well in an actual adaptation.

Well, except for Porthos. I regret to say that I'm not willing to overlook the changes they'd made to him: the slimness, the courage... But as a character in The Musketeers he is my favorite.

As for the series itself... I like the mud and their attempts to re-create the living conditions. And I (reluctantly) like their attempts to modernize the characters without compromising the setup. Doesn't always work but pleasant nonetheless.

Not ready to go for the second series at the moment though.

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