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Not me, nuh-huh
Bomb Girls season 1 
30th-Aug-2014 08:00 pm
This was not what I was expecting. Although... I'm not sure what was I expecting. But it wasn't that.

Instead of a story about tough girls struggling to help their country in a time of war it's a story about fairly standard group of girls who unexpectedly find themselves friends. It's set in a bomb factory but it easily could've been secretaries, cabaret girls, nurses - any kind of working girl, really.

I also found myself gritting my teeth every time they would start going about enemies at their borders. It's true that USA and Canada's input into WWII was invaluable, but it's hard seeing them sniggering about British weaklings or occupation of France.

Nevertheless, the series talks about things usually going unsaid: how women stepped up to fill places vacated by men and how they were treated for that; how nationality is deemed good or bad depending on how your distant ancestors' land behaved during war; how some people will sacrifice everything to help others and other people will still go looking for a profit when it's their life is being defended.

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